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Lake St Clair

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Lake St Clair

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When Is the Best Time 

Lake St. Clair famous for being the last part of the Overland Track. This National Park is easily accessible by car and tour buses. From November to April you may experience the best conditions for hiking. Echidnas can be spotted in spring and summer. Their hibernation starts at the end of summer (March/April). Be prepared for march flies in February and March.

Echidna at Lake St Clair searching for ants

Weather by Seasons

One digit night temps throughout the year even in the summer so be prepared if you plan to camp here.


Much precipitation in September and October. Decreasing rainfall in November and temps start to rise on average around 15°C at daytime. At the end of spring, echidnas may be spotted along the trails.


More stable weather from December to April with warmer temps. On average temps are below 20°C but can rise to 30°C as well. The driest months are January and February. However, the weather is unpredictable. Be prepared for four seasons in one day even in the summer. March flies can be an issue in February and March; take precaution and wear long trousers and sleeves or take insect repellent.


March is still a pleasant month with temps on average around 17°C. In April already increasing rainfall but yet a good month as the crowds thin out. Echidnas prepare for hibernation depending on the temperature.


Occasionally snow in winter between July and September. It can get cold and freezing during the night (below 0°C). One digit temps at daytime. July to October are the wettest months but winter is the quietest time and despite the weather; nature is just overwhelming.


Lake St. Clair is easily accessible and very popular. As soon as you leave the lake for hiking, you have the woods almost for yourself. During summer lots of tour buses make a stop at this awesome lake. Winter is the off-season, quiet and peaceful. Accommodation rates are on a low level.

Best Accommodations Nearby

Bronte Cottages close to Lake St Clair

There are only a view opportunities to stay close to Lake St. Clair. You can either stay inside the park at the Lake St Clair Lodge with well-needed heating or at the Highland Cabins and Cottages at Bronte just half an hour drive from the lake. We came here in the peak season, so we'd chosen the cottages at Bronte. It's more known by anglers, tranquil, and clean. The staff was super attentive. In front of our cabins was much wildlife during the evening and early morning. We had such a lovely stay.

Australia, Tasmania, Derwent Bridge
Review and Tips 

Cradle Mountain and Lake St Clair declared a National Park in 1971 and are part of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area since 1982. Lake St. Clair is the deepest Lake in Australia deepest point at 167 meters. Called by the Aboriginal People "Lake Leeawuleena" this means "sleeping water". Several well marked hiking trails start from the information center, also 4 of the 60 short walks of Tasmania:  60 Great Short Walks (check 18-21)

Lake St. Clair is the last part of the famous Overland Track. It's advisable to wear a pair of gaiters while hiking; venomous snakes occur in the park. Three different species exist in Tasmania. We bought our gaiters at the excellent information center of Cradle Mountain.

You may also spot echidnas in the woods or along the trail. We saw one at the Shadow Lake Circuit an 11.5 km trail.

Official Map: Map of Lake St. Clair



Jul 28, 2015

Spring and Summer as the best visiting times confirmed by us ;)

May 11, 2017

We spotted an echidna directly on the road. Lake St. Clair was nice but nothing compared to Cradle Mountain.