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Kinderdijk - Windmills

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Kinderdijk - Windmills

Travel Update Summer 2020: Most destinations, sites and parks reopened with limitations. Check the official websites and read our crucial ‘BEST TIME TO GO' and ‘AVOIDING THE CROWDS’ tips:


When Is the Best Time 

The area is open year-round and entrance free. If you like to have a look inside a windmill to see how families lived centuries ago and you like to learn more running a windmill please note the opening hours for the museum and the interpretive center:

  • Peak season: April to October from 9 a.m. – 5.30 p.m.
  • Off-season: November to March from 11 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Avoiding crowds:
The UNESCO World Heritage site is very popular and a must when visiting Holland, the Netherlands. Either go early in the day before the tour buses arrive or visit the windmills after 4 p.m. in the peak season. Limited parking is the other reason when traveling by car. 
Even more crowded at the tulip season in April when tour buses combine Keukenhof with Kinderdijk.

A Great Place
Netherlands, Zuidholland Rotterdam
Review and Tips 

Kinderdijk is famous for the 19 windmills located 15 km southeast of Rotterdam. It is the largest concentration of windmills in the world. It’s interesting to see how the Dutch have kept the rivers at bay for centuries with these windmills. Nowadays it gets done by automated water pumps. Like many places in the Netherlands, the dike is below sea level, Kinderdijk 4 m below river Rhine and water does not flow upward.

Explore the area by foot, bike (rental) or boat canal tour. The windmills are in very good conditions, some are private and one can be visited which is very worth to do. You see a furnished windmill inside on different floors.

Top Tips:

  • More information and get a discount of 1,50 € for each person when booking online.
  • Limited parking, fee 5 €. There is a huge car park for free in the village.
  • The area is exposed and obviously, it can get windy and cold. Bring a windproof jacket.
  • If you are into photography check the weather forecast a day prior.

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