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Iceland, Hof
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Back in 2013 we decided to go to the land of fire and ice….. ICELAND to climb their highest mountain Hvannadalshnukur standing at 6,920ft.

The ascent of the highest peak in Iceland, Hvannadalshnúkur (2110 m / 6900 feet) is a once in a lifetime must. The peak is located in the north-western rim of the Öræfajökull volcano and promises an unforgettable hike with breathtaking panoramic views stretching over the rugged outlet glaciers of Vatnajökull glacier or over the vast sandy plains of the glaciated rivers that drain off that great glacier.

The climb to the highest point in Iceland is not technically challenging but as you would imagine there are a large number of crevasses to deal with when you have glaciers that come down to sea level. There are two main routes and they both have about 6600 feet of elevation gain and take a long day to accomplish. Both start on the western flank of the mountain. The Hryggjaleið route from the Virkisjökull glacier is used only until about mid-July and is then closed due to crevasses and an icy surface. The more-standard Sandfellsleið route starts a bit further south and is open most of the year. The latter route takes about 12 hours (8 hours up, 4 down). Even though it is not particularly technically challenging, please don't underestimate a climb of Hvannadalshnukur. Weather on the glacier can be particularly bad and completely opposite of what is happening below in the Park. Crevasses abound and guided climbs are recommended unless you have an experienced team in glacier climbing.,

Iceland is full of surprises around every corner, from walking under waterfalls and glaciers to walking on top of glaciers. We toured the south of the island from Reykjavik to Hofn and never got bored once.

So in September this year we are GOING BACK!!!!! This time we are going to drive around the whole island and find all those hidden spots that most people would miss. We can’t wait. At the moment there are 6 of us going but we would like 8 so we have 2 spaces left. This will be an amazing trip if you like the outdoors, photography or just like getting out there! If you're interested and you want to tick this off your bucket list then please get in touch with us at www.3185adventures.ca and come and join us for an adventure.



Jan 07, 2016

Iceland is amazing. My preferred time is late September to February, when the Northern Lights can be seen between 6 pm and 6 am. It needs to be a clear night and better get out of the city.

@3185 Adventures: Sounds awesome what you are planning there!

Jan 07, 2016

Hi Hiker 1
ICELAND: A trip around the whole island taking in the breathtaking scenery that you can only find in Iceland. We will achieve this task in 4X4 vehicles and it will take 10 days. Places are available but are very limited. ONLY 2 spaces remain and the cost is £1000 per person. It includes flights (from UK) and car hire, all fuel, the company of some of the best lads you will ever meet.
Not only will you love the sights, the exhilaration of being literally out in the middle of nowhere, but you will be part of the filmed documentary and also get your log pages published in our Guide book.