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When Is the Best Time

When Is the Best Time

The best time for wildlife viewing is in southern winter from May to September. The game concentration at waterholes is high, vegetation is low, and animals are easier to spot.

Crowds and Climate 

Southern winter, the dry season (May to September) is the best time for wildlife spotting. Days are sunny with low humidity and nights are cold. Fewer mosquito. It's also the low season with viewer crowds, except for school holiday: It’s less busy in camps and on the roads.

The busiest months with most tourists in the main camps are in the southern summer (November to March). The rain starts end of October. The scenery gets lush and green, but during summer it’s also hot and humid and heavy rainfalls occur. Wildlife game viewing is not as good as in southern winter, but birding is excellent. Our favorite month is September: still dry, even more game to spot and temperatures rise.

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Where and Tips

South Africa

This National Park is the oldest game park in South Africa and home of the white and black rhino. It was established in 1895 to protect the last rhinos close to extinction. The park has abundant wildlife and intense conservation efforts. The reason that the largest population of white rhinos in the world can be found here. Unfortunately, poaching is the most significant threat to all game parks and increasing constantly.

We spent three nights at Mpila Camp in the iMfolozi park which is located on a hill with stunning views. In the evening a bush pig was searching for braai meat at each house. We traveled at the end of the dry season. Therefore, it was pouring down one day. It is a low-risk malaria area, and in the dry season, we only used repellent at daytime and mosquito protecting clothes in the cold evenings. Guided walks through the park are offered early morning and afternoon and absolutely worth to do. 

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Hluhluwe is more crowded; especially with day visitors. To get the real feeling of the Imfolozi Wilderness book a guided walk in the morning or even one for two or three days. More information about offered trails: http://www.ekznw.co.za/Trails.htm

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