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Helgoland / Heligoland

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Helgoland / Heligoland

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When Is the Best Time 

Helgoland is a fantastic year-round destination with stunning wildlife to view. However, there are some very special months:


During the bird migrations in spring and fall it turns into a birdwatcher’s paradise with an average of 250 bird species. Mid-June until early-July for about 2 weeks: The event is amazing and called ‘Lumensprung’. In the late afternoon the adult guillemot are attracting their youngsters to jump into the ocean from a 40m+ height. The exact time in June can be predicted each year from April on. November/December until January: Horsehead Seals give birth to their young, which is just spectacular: Heligoland Seals

Avoiding Crowds

Stay past 4 PM / overnight. Even during summer it thins out after 4 PM as the crowds of daytime visitors are gone. This way you can experience the real magic of this beautiful island. Stay at least 2-3 days and book a hotel or a B&B.


The weather is influenced by the Gulf Stream. Bright, not too hot summers and mild winters. In November/December it’s actually the warmest place in Germany. However, in some winters there is even a chance of snow. The quieter months in terms of tourist crowds are November/December until April.

Germany, Helgoland
Review and Tips 

Helgoland (English: Heligoland) is Germany's only offshore island and a perfect place to relax and recover. After the day tourist have gone (by 4 pm) the island falls asleep.

You can spot different maritime birds like guillemot, gannets, seagull etc.

On the dune island you can spot the harbor seals as well as the horsehead seals from a real close distance. Be careful as they might get closer to you than allowed.



Jul 29, 2016

Stunning photos!!

For movie fans: The area around this island were used as a film location for 'Das Boot'.