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When Is the Best Time

When Is the Best Time

A must visit place , preferably in winter. Summer gets boiling hot and would tire one out soon, especially with the long walks required to properly explore this place. Also, avoid weekends if possible.

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Where and Tips


Once one of the richest and largest cities in India during the prime of Vijayanagar Empire, the ruins is now one of UNESCO heritage sites.

I visited this place first as a family tour (10 of us), but was so awestruck by the beauty of the ruins that I had to go back, alone, the second time. While tourists can cover the major areas of Hampi within a day or 2, it would ideally need a minimum of 4 days to properly absorb the place (if not more). Accommodations are available across river Tungabhadra in Hampi itself, but Hospet (closest city to the ruins) provides many decent lodging facilities too. From Hospet, one can avail public transportation to Hampi on day one and then rent a 2 wheeler (scooter/bike/motorbike) for the number of days it is required. The place is best explored by a combination of walking and 2 wheeler.



This looks really fascinating! @Ganesh: I heard monsoon season (June-August) is not the best time but better than summer and with less crowds than winter. Have you been there during monsoon season?

Ganesh Subramaniam

@MaggieAndB - I haven't been there during monsoon.. but you heard right.. monsoons are unpredictable and if you are staying in Hampi itself, there is always the risk of the river (Tungabhadra) flooding or becoming unnavigable for the coracles.