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Glendalough hikes - Wicklow Mountains

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Glendalough hikes - Wicklow Mountains

Travel Update Summer 2020: Most destinations, sites and parks reopened with limitations. Check the official websites and read our crucial ‘BEST TIME TO GO' and ‘AVOIDING THE CROWDS’ tips:


When Is the Best Time 

Start the white hike at midmorning counter clockwise for incredible views most of the time and best light. 

Ireland's temperate climate is influenced by the Atlantic Ocean. The summer is mild and damp, the winter is cold and wet. Extreme temperatures don't occur and snowfall is rare. The highest temperatures in summer are between 17°C and 20°C / 64°F and 68°F. June and July are the driest months. Anyhow, precipitation in Island is usual. Best months for traveling are from April until October.

Summer is the peak season. It’s less busy in spring and autumn.

Ireland, Glendalough, Wicklow Mountains
Review and Tips 

Glendalough is part of the Wicklow Mountains National Park, also called the valley of the two lakes.

There are several well-marked hikes at Glendalough. We did the white one which starts at the Upper Lake. It's an easy walk marked with white arrows. The hike is 9 km long and takes 3-4 hours. The views are spectacular therefore it took us more time to enjoy the beautiful landscape. The last part leads through a forest with a steep descent and steps and ends at a waterfall.

You can walk the trail in trainers but some parts are wet and they may soak. Don't forget a rain- and windproof jacket. The trail is most of the time exposed.