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When Is the Best Time 
Great overnight hike with a chance to discover white nights in june or july or northern lights in spring and autumn
United Kingdom, Scotland, Durness
Review and Tips 
Typicallly you´ll start at Gualin House or at Loch Stack and since I've chosen the Gualin House approach I am going to describe it that way as well. During the summer you can use the D&E coach but apart from that there is really only hitching or driving yourself in this remote corner of the highlands. You'll definitely gone need a landranger or explorer map and a compass, accompanied by the knowledge to use both. You can follow a good stalkers path for about 2 hours (mind you there several different approaches for the main ridge. I'll only describe one here!) up to the point when you see a stream coming down "Coire Dùail". You can find a more or less distinct path on the right hand side of the stream, which can be followed up to the Loch "Glas-Choire Grànda". Now you'll head roughly northwesterly and want to keep the eyes open for "Ceann Garbh" but there is no path and it will be rough going and some easy scrambling might be necessary as well. Be careful this part can be quite tricky in poor conditions!! As soon as you're on the main ridge things become easy and here is also the best camping spot that hill has to offer (a 2nd but much smaller spot can be found 20 min down from "Ganu Mòr). Now you can either retrace your steps or follow the ridge all the way to "Bellach Horn". Foinaven always offers an exceptional ridge walk, but if you're able to use this hill as a camping ground you can see that this is one of the most exposed spots in the northern highlands with a clear view north. Since there is no light pollution at all this can be, even in spring and autumn, an excellent spot to experience northern lights. Of course this would also be possible in Winter but conditions can be very, very rough and you would probably need alpine equipment. Also you would need to keep an close eye on the time.


Oct 18, 2015

Never been in the north of Scotland. Your description is great and I assume necessary if the track is not marked. Can you recommend a map or a gpx track? I’m usually using Locus Map.

Oct 18, 2015

The idea for a overnight hike is great! In general it seems as if you need to be an experienced hiker, even during summer?

Oct 21, 2015

Beautiful views!

Oct 24, 2015

for some reason I cannot find a way to reply directly .... I hope this way will do just as fine!

@ Markus: I've never used a GPS gizmo. Usually I would recommend a OS Landranger map, if you expect a hike with technical challenges you might want to use an OS explorer map and as long as you've got a compass that should be you sorted!

@Sarah: As I said you have to cope with some scrambling and since it is quite a long walk I would not recommend Foinaven as your first hill! But it is no major challenge ... I would recommend a look in the SMC corbett book!

Oct 30, 2015

Taken May 2009, whilst doing the Cape Wrath trail