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Fingal's Cave - Isle of Staffa

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Fingal's Cave - Isle of Staffa

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When Is the Best Time 

Tours are being offered from April to October. The best chance for pleasant weather is during spring (April-June) and again in September. To come ashore, visit the Isle of Staffa and having a look into the cave by feet is possible during a calm sea. Check the weather forecast before you book a tour. Rain is common in Scotland and occurs more frequently in July and August.

The cave's face is southeast, therefore, best seen in the morning.

United Kingdom, Scotland, Inner Hebrides
Review and Tips 

Approaching Staffa and Fingal's cave from the sea is an incredible experience. The cave is known for its natural acoustics and is part of a National Nature Reserve. Inside of the cave are huge basalt columns. Composer Felix Mendelssohn visited the cave in 1829 and got inspired to write the overture "The Hebrides". Also, other famous visitors got inspired by the cave like Jules Verne, Turner (painter) and many more.

Black guillemot on Staffa Island

You may spot different kind of birds like the fulmar, puffins and the black guillemot (red legs) but not puffins. On the way to Staffa keep an eye out for dolphins, minke whales, porpoises and from June to August also for the popular basking sharks. Usually, Staffa is combined with the Isle of Mull and Isle of Iona and called "The Three Isle Tour". It is a full day trip, and the price is about £ 60 per adult. Another highly recommended tour is the Isle of Staffa together with Lunga Island. Lunga is famous for being one of the best places to spot puffins close.