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De Hoop Marine Reserve

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De Hoop Marine Reserve

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When Is the Best Time 

From June to November Southern Right Whales visit the shore, and it is one of the most important nurseries from July to October.

Ocean Life
South Africa, Swellendam
Review and Tips 

This majestic whales got their name "right whale" because they are slow moving and these whales were the right ones for hunting. They can grow up to 17 meters and weigh 30-60 tons. They occur close to the shore. Therefore, you may have a high chance to spot southern right whales along the whale trail in De Hoop Nature and Marine Reserve, from July to October even with calves. If you plan to hike this exceptional trail; booking far in advance is essential. The famous whale trail is 55 km long and last five days. The massive dunes at Koppie Allen are good as well to observe the whales. In my opinion, September and October are the best months to get to most out of one vacation. It has a Mediterranean climate with hot summer, mild winter and most rain occurs in the winter time.

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