Cayo Levisa - snorkeling

Cayo Levisa - snorkeling

cu Cuba

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When Is the Best Time

When Is the Best Time

You get to the island only by ferry from Palma Rubia in the morning. In 2014 it was at 10 a.m.
Best during the dry season roughly from November to April but this is also the peak season. Shoulder season May and June is worth a try, less crowded but showers may occur

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Where and Tips

Cayo Levisa

Cayo Levisa is 4 km long and accessible only by ferry which takes about half an hour. For day visitores buffet lunch in the hotel is included in the ferry ticket price. There is only one hotel with roughly 20 bungalows. It looked like a good choice for several nights. Cayo Levisa is well known for diving and snorkeling and the black coral. We enjoyed snorkeling a lot. This reef is one of the best. We spotted many different species of fish.


Rene North Rhine

Nice island but diving and snorkeling was at the same place with same boat. It wasn't deeper than 15 meters.

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