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Cayo Jutias

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Cayo Jutias

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When Is the Best Time 

All year round, beach and nature exploring. Best time to visit during the dry season Nov./Dec. until April. Avoid weekends it is a popular beach for the locals. Shoulder season May and June, showers may occur. July and August are the Cuban school holiday.

Cuba, Cayo Jutias
Review and Tips 

Most beautiful Island that we've ever seen. We took a cheap tour from Vinales to this Island, and were quite surprised to get an old american car, which we shared with 3 other travellers. It's 1 hour driving to Cayo Jutias, a pleasant trip. The Island is so beautiful, with pristine beaches, with driftwood, and dramatic big trunks of wood on the beach. We walked toward the very end of the Island, and saw real big orange coloured starfish in the sea. It's more than 1 hour walking, just follow the coastline, you'll be walking in a dense pine forest most of the time. The further you'll walk, the less people you'll see. We were the only ones at the starfish point. Very special!
At the dropp off point the cars will be waiting and there are 2 small restaurants on the Island. A very good place to try the camarones dish!



Sep 27, 2015

Avoid weekends, it is the island of the locals. This is how it looks like on Sunday. Anyway beautiful peninsula and you can reach by car.