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Cape Egmond Lighthouse and Mount Taranaki

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Cape Egmond Lighthouse and Mount Taranaki

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When Is the Best Time 

Best light for this picturesque lighthouse between afternoon and evening. The clouds at Mount Taranaki at the back built up before midday and may disappear in the evening. The lighthouse is open by appointment only: Historic Cape Light and Museum


Best months with less precipitation from January to April. Most rainfall from June to October with its peak in October. Mild and pleasant temps on average around 20°C from December to April. Snow and frost are not common in winter, but it gets pretty chilly around the night with temps on average around 5°C.

Mount Taranaki in the morning; first clouds build up

New Zealand, Mount Taranaki
Review and Tips 

The Cape Egmond Lighthouse is located at the westernmost point of the Taranaki coast. It is 33 meters high. In the mid-1800s the lighthouse was built in Pimlico, London. First, it was working on Mana Island, north of Wellington. But ships got confused with this light and the one at the entrance to Wellington Harbour. After several shipping accidents, it was moved in sections to Cape Egmont. Installed and working from August 1881 onwards. It got automated in 1986.

Hiking Tip

You get the best view to Mount Taranaki from Fanthams Peak a 3 1/2 hours hike to the summit. Important start early morning to the summit before the clouds built up and you are covered in fog. Unfortunately, we didn't know that so before we reached the top the view and mountain disappeared. 

Misty rainforest full of lichen along the hiking trail to the Fanthams Peak
The rainforest is full of lichen and moss due to the frequent mist



Jul 17, 2015

Between afternoon and evening the perfect light AND clouds are gone? :(