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When Is the Best Time 

This place is best to visit in the low season as you are nearly alone then.
Even in the peak season (dry season Dec. to April) not overcrowded due to the remote location.
During the rainy season (May/June until October) only few tourist are heading to this place.
Best months are May and June. September and October higher chance for hurricanes; keep in mind if you stay at the coastal area.

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Historic Site
Mexico, Calakmul
Review and Tips 

Calakmul is an anicient mayan town. It's located in the rain forest and is only partial reconstructed.
The place is less crowded with tourist as no big buses are visiting this place.
If you are lucky you can spot some howler monkeys.

Calakmul was declared as a World Heritage Site in 2002.



Jun 03, 2016

All the photos are beautiful but that one looking out over the tops of the trees, just stunning! It's always good to learn about these places that haven't become tourist traps. Thank you for the extra information as well about it becoming a World Heritage Site.