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Bryce Canyon National Park

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Bryce Canyon National Park

When Is the Best Time 

The best tips before visiting Bryce Canyon National Park, one of the most beautiful parks! It’s worth going regardless of the season of the year. Summer months (May through September) is the park’s tourist season with pleasant weather perfect for a day’s exploration. TIP: Excellent sweet spot months with mostly pleasant weather and less crowds are April and October. Read our full season guide below for more tips and details. Winter (November) offers plenty of snowfall and great winter activities.

Don't miss our tips for the '5 Amazing Must-Know Walks and Hikes' (scroll down) including Google Maps links which you can send to your smartphone.

Book Tip: Check out the best guidebook for Bryce and Zion which is available: Zion & Bryce Canyon National Parks

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Sitting at a relatively high elevation of 8,000 to 9,000 feet, Bryce Canyon National Park is colder than any national park in Utah including Zion, Canyonlands and Arches. Summer temperature is pleasant and mild with little fluctuations. Night time in spring and fall are chilly but winter is the coldest with plenty of snowfall. Remember to pack your warm clothes when planning your trip to Bryce Canyon National Park anytime of the year. Monthly average maximum temperatures:

More details: Bryce Canyon Climate

Spring (March – May): Weather during spring transition from cold to mildly warm. Nonetheless, visitors still need a jacket particularly in March and April. This is the time to see snow melt from the higher elevation mountains surrounding this spectacular park. However, especially March is still considered a 'winter month' with snow and often unpleasent temps. April is the time when most Bryce experts consider going: The snow is melting and it's the first 'warmer' month as temperatures are getting more pleasant in April.  It doesn't matter that the trails are still muddy and that’s it's unlikely to see flowers. Also, keep in mind that nights in April and May are chilly. 

Summer (June – August): Experience pleasant days and cool nights during summer. The best weather is in July, the warmest month. Rainfall during mid to late summer comes as afternoon thundershowers. These are also the peak tourist months with heavy crowds.

Fall (September – October): Especially September is a great month with pleasant temperatures, blue sky, clear and crisp air. However, weather can be unpredictable and fall nights can be relatively chilly. It is possible to experience some snowfall in October.

Winter (November – February): Winter is the coldest time to visit Bryce Canyon. One will experience lots of snow between January and February, making it ideal time to enjoy snow activities such as skiing and sledging. Much of the area experience snowstorm from October through April. The coldest month is December. Few facilities and amenities will either remain closed or reduce their operating hours.

Avoiding Tourist Crowds

The park is attracting over 2.6 million people annually now (2018). Summertime is the peak tourist season. Quieter times are winter, early spring and late fall. In September, the crowds start to thin out slightly after Labor Day (first Monday in September). However, not on weekends, as they are still packed in September.  June, July and August bring the heaviest crowds. In May it already starts to get busy, especially on weekends.

To avoid the crowds, start your day’s exploration early and go mid-week if possible. Finding the perfect parking space can sometimes be challenging especially at the view points along the scenic drive. However, you can find a nice parking spot just few kilometers away from the more packed ones. Special Tip: If you want to park your car at Sunset Point (limited parking only), arrive there around 7 a.m. A park ranger even suggested 6 a.m.! Otherwise it's better to use the shuttle (see below). Hiking enthusiasts should also start very early as most hiking trails will be packed later. The family friendly and moderate trails are packed in high season: Rim Trail, Queens Garden Loop, Navajo Loop, … You can find solitude, even in peak season, on the more strenuous day hikes like Fairyland Loop and Peekaboo Loop. Especially if you start early. Looking for very easy, short hikes or walks? Read our guide with the 5 best hikes and walks at the end of this article.  

Opening Hours and Shuttles

The park is open 24 hours throughout the year. The Visitor center is modern, with everything you need. No restaurant though. Visitor Center Operating Hours . Shuttle service for the Bryce Canyon stops in late October and resumes with the start of spring in mid-April. Detailed schedule: Bryce Canyon Park Shuttle Is is it free? Yes, there is no additional fee. You can use the shuttle as often as you like. It's all included in the $35 entrance fee to Bryce Canyon.

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Review and Tips 

Bryce Canyon National Park boasts the most beautiful sandstone scenery in the American West. Here is the largest collection of hoodoos (odd-shaped pillars of rock left standing from the forces of erosion) in the world! Descriptions fail. Photographs and words can not do justice.

Review by user Ray Downs: Great hiking everywhere, tons of trails and guides can show you around. Can be VERY crowded in the peak summers months. I like it best in the winter but it can be very cold...but the snow on the red rocks makes the best photos. Sunset and sunrise are the best times to be on the rim...mid day in the bottoms allows light to filter down. Be safe and take lots of water in the summer.

5 Easy Hikes and Walks (The Best Ones)

Do you have limited time only and still want to experience the most stunning views? The great thing about Bryce Canyon National Parks is that you don't have to hike for a couple of hours to view most dramatic sceneries. There are the super short hikes or walks which are less than 1 mile (or 2 miles), where you can experience the most stunning views. It often takes only a few minutes to half an hour driving between the best easy trails and viewpoints. It gets better: The first 3 hikes/walks below all start at Sunset/Sunrise Point or nearby and can be combined easily without driving on a single day.

We highly suggest to stay one night, even if you have limited time only. That way you can start very early (see above) and beat the crowds at the most popular spots and trails. Also taking stunning photos at sunset the evening before and at sunrise with the crowds is a amazing.  Read our hotel tips above and choose either the Best Western Ruby's Inn (our top tip, bookmark it!) or one of the others. Now: Below are the easiest hikes and walks with amazing views you can easily do all in one day. Looking for more?  Check the official NPS website: Bryce Canyon Day Hikes You can reach most other hikes/trails via the shuttle as well. 

1. Sunset Point to Sunrise Point

Bryce Canyon - Sunset Point

This is a small section of the longer Rim Trail. The best thing here: If you stay right there or nearby (see above) you can just walk in a few minutes to the trailhead. A lookout over the Bryce Canyon Amphitheater which is one of the most impressive views in whole Utah. You can see the famous hoodoos, sections of Queen's Garden Trail and even Navajo Mountain on a clear day. The path is also wheelchair accessible and pets are allowed. Get here first thing in the morning!

2. Queen's Garden Trail

Bryce Canyon - Queens Garden Hoodoos

This short hike starts at Sunrise Point. That means you can do it right after 'Sunset to Sunris Point' if you like. Although you hike down then up again, the views in each direction are completely different. This is such a scenic hike with many opportunities for stunning photos. At the end of the trail you see a hoodoo which looks like Queen Victoria overseeing the garden. A must-do hike/walk.

3. Navajo Trail

Traversing Navaja Loop by Andrew Smith, CC BY-SA

This short hike starts also at Sunset Point and has a scenery like Queen's Garden with many impressive hoodoos. You can even combine it with Queen's Garden if you like. However, it's a little steeper with greater elevation gain. That's why it's officially rated as moderate by NPS. However, it's still an easy one if you don't try to rush through. Please be extra careful of loose rocks which can roll on this hike beneath your feet.

4. Mossy Cave Trail

Mossy Cave Trail by Anna Irene, CC BY-SA

This one is outside the park, but only an 18 minutes drive from Sunrise Point (Bryce Canyon Lodge). For an additional hike on one day besides hikes #1-3 you might choose this one or #5 (Bristlecone Loop). In case you'd like to visit Capital Reef National Park after Bryce Canyon, this one is just on your way. You'll also spot the intriguing hoodoos and mostly follow a river, see a waterfall, cross a bridge and finally hike up to a fascinating shelter cave. It's an easy, but very nice and interesting hike.

5. Bristlecone Loop

cliff (near Rainbow Point) by brando, CC BY

You start from the southern end of Bryce Canyon National park at Rainbow Point. It's a 30 minutes drive from Sunset/Sunrise Point. This trail runs through a forest, the highest part of the park with elevations over 9100 feet (2800 m). On the trail you can spot those impressive ancient bristlecone pines. Some of them are 1800 years old! The canyon view is truly stunning and on this trail you can also spot wildlife. In winter this hike may be impossible because of snow.




Jan 18, 2016

Looks really great. On my hiking list now!

@Ray Downs: I don't like crowds. Are spring and fall also good seasons to visit? Besides the missing snow for photos :)

Jan 18, 2016

Spring and fall are great too...it is best to miss the shuttle service times. So you can self drive. During the most congested times you can use the shuttle. April-Sep.

Jan 18, 2016

Nice! @Ray: Do you have more photos?

Jan 18, 2016

Here is one from sunset point.

Jan 18, 2016

Here is another

Jan 24, 2016

Here are a few more shots of Bryce Canyon

Jan 24, 2017

Quelques photos ;)
Flickr link : https://www.flickr.com/photos/st...

Aug 03, 2017

Bryce Canyon is a photographers dream at sunrise and sunset. We came here in March and experienced snow.

Feb 20, 2019

Spectacular scenic views! You must see those hoodoos during sunrise and sunset. Amazing for photos. Thanks @Drew Hays for the attached shot.