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Bridal Veil Falls - Blue Mountains

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Bridal Veil Falls - Blue Mountains

When Is the Best Time 

The waterfall looks best in the morning with sunlight on the water spray. The flow of the waterfall is at its best after heavy rainfall which occurs more often during the summer.


Most rainfall during summer from November to February. Winter months are drier and sunnier. The precipitation at the Blue Mountains is similar to Sydney. In summer day temperatures can increase up to 35 degrees and even higher but are mostly bearable. Nights can be chilly due to the high elevation of the mountains. However, each season is great for hiking in the Blue Mountains.

Australia, Blackheath, Blue Mountains
Review and Tips 

The Blue Mountains were declared as National Park in 1959 and are World Heritage Site since 2000. There are many hikes, outlooks, and beautiful nature to explore. Stay here at least three nights to get an impression of what mother nature has to offer.

The short hike to the bottom of the falls starts at the popular Govetts Leap lookout. The view at the lookout above the Blue Mountains and the Gum Trees is spectacular. It's a steep walk down to the bottom of the picturesque, cliff diving waterfall which is 180 meters high. Be careful the trail is slippery. We did a day hike down into Govetts Gorge and on the ascent back to the top we passed the Bridal Veil Fall, unfortunately in the evening. The fall is in complete shadow from midday onward.