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When Is the Best Time

When Is the Best Time

The best time for hiking is usually from the end of May till the end of June, then September till the start of October. July and August are very hot and the glacier can melt very fast in the afternoon when the sun is out. It is necessary to start early in the morning to be sure you will get back down as soon as possible. However, it's pretty cold minus degrees throughout the year


Due to the easy accessibility, the mountain is often a bit busy. The cable car is often very full of skiers. However, it's a perfect climb for beginners in such a height. To avoid crowds and the melting glaciers take the first cable car to the Kleinmatterhorn. 

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Where and Tips


PLEASE NOTE that hiking on the glacier requires mountain experience and special equipment (crampons, ice ax, ropes etc.) Hiking in "very warm" weather during summer season can be dangerous because the glacier can melt very fast and crevasses will be bigger and deeper. Good weather is essential for this hike. Also, note that you can get hypoxemia because of the height. It is recommended to ascent and then descent to get used to a lesser amount of oxygen in the air. The ascent is very demanding. It is better to go in a bigger group.

Breithorn is a mountain on the Italien and Switzerland border. It is considered to be one of the easier mountains over 4000 meters to climb. You can get to the elevation of 3.883 meters with a cable car to the Kleinmatterhorn. This cable car station is the highest in Europe. It's also very popular for skiing 365 days a year. 

Route Description to the Summit of the Breithorn from the Italian Side

This ascent is much more interesting and demanding. We started in the village of St. Jacques near Champoluc. On the first day, we got to the Rifugio Guide Val d'Ayas at 3400 meters above sea level. We spent a night there and at 4 am we set off for the summit. It is quite an enjoyable glacier walk with stunning views all around. The mountain is usually ascended from the east and then descended on the west side. Breithorn has 5 summits, the highest is 4165 meters high. On a clear day, you can see the massive of Monte Rosa, Matterhorn, and even Mont Blanc. We descended the same way we got up.


Rene North Rhine

Great ! You reached the Top. My father also climbed it many years ago when I was a child. During my last visit in Switzerland I visited the Gornergrat (3135 m high) that is easy accessible with the Gornergrat train starting in Zermatt. Here I got a good view to the Breithorn like these two pictures show…


Great pictures, thanks for sharing! I did not have a chance to get a picture from the northern side of the mountain.

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