Bontebok National Park

Bontebok National Park

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When Is the Best Time

When Is the Best Time

Bontebok is a year-round destination. Weather is more predictable with little rainfall from October until March. The chance of increasing precipitation starts in May and lasts until September. Nights can be very cold in winter. In summer canoeing or a refreshing bath in the Breede River is another highlight.

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Where and Tips

South Africa

Bontebok National Park was established in 1931 to protect the remaining 17 Bontebok Antelopes from extinction. It is the smallest National Park in South Africa but very successful. Nowadays around 3000 Bontebok live in SA; 200 in this park. Cape Mountain Zebra and Red Hartebeest are also easy to spot.

This park has a high population of around 200 different species of birds; some are rare and endangered. I recommend staying inside of the park in one of the beautifully located self-catering chalets. The viewing deck and braai area are perfect for a relaxed evening. The chalets are close to the Breede river; don't forget your bathing clothes. The historic Swellendam is just a 5 minutes drive and has an excellent choice of restaurants. If you can't get one of the few chalets stay next to the Bontebok Park in the lovely Rotterdam guesthouse and farm. It's a beautiful and quiet surrounding. The staff is super friendly and attentive. Get spoiled here for a day or two.

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Looks fantastic. Any B&B recommendations in the area?


Maggie I really recommend to stay inside the park. Sitting on deck while having a braai, good wine and the noise of the bush; that's real paradise ;)
Anyway there are many excellent B&Bs and restaurans in Swellendam. My recommendation for a nice restaurant is De Vagebond.

Melissa Sallee

Nick, beautiful images and value your tip about staying in the park you've shared with us.

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