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Bonaire Marine Park

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Bonaire Marine Park

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When Is the Best Time 

Year round but rainy in july-august-september

Caribbean Netherlands, Kralendijk, Caribisch Nederland
Review and Tips 

Bonaire is the shore dive capital of the world. The island is completely surrounded by a Marine Park and there is also, on land, the Washington Slagbaai National Park. A dive package consists of weights, air and a pick up. You can rent dive gear if you can't bring your own. You are entirely free to roam the island and dive whenever and wherever you want. Dive sites are signaled by a yellow stone. If the place is too busy you just drive a bit further and dive the next site. For the most spectacular diving you can contact (www.bonaireeastcoastdiving.com) for a boat dive on the rougher east coast of the island. Cave snorkeling in fresh water caves is also an option.



Sep 10, 2015

Looks awesome!!

Sep 10, 2015

Thansk, !t is a nice island, Sarah !