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Bolonia Beach and Dune Tarifa

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Bolonia Beach and Dune Tarifa

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When Is the Best Time 

Bolonia Beach and the shifting dune are worth a visit despite the season.


It’s a popular beach with Spanish tourists in summer and day trippers on Sundays. During the rest of the year and at weekdays it’s less busy. Morning and evening only a few people are on the beach and dune even in summer.

At midday, the sunlight is perfect for a good shot of the shifting dune. The golden hour in the afternoon/evening is also a good option for brilliant pics. Sunsets are awesome, but some of the car parks close at 9 p.m.

Spain, Tarifa
Review and Tips 

Bolonia Beach is a 25 minutes drive north of Tarifa. Tarifa is the capital city of wind, therefore, be prepared it can get chilly if it's not summer. The unspoiled beach offers golden sand, a clear blue sea and is extremely large almost 4 km with plenty of space. The crowds thin out as soon as you walk 10 or 15 minutes. Nearby are bars and restaurants. Combine Bolonia with a visit to the Roman ruins; Baelo Claudia the most preserved Roman village outside of Italy.

The Bolonia Dune is one of the largest shifting dunes in Europe. Climb to the top and enjoy the stunning view. It's possible to hike from Bolonia Beach to the remote beach Playa del Canuelo, Faro de Camarinal and further more to Playa de los Alemanes.