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Blue Ridge Parkway

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Blue Ridge Parkway

Travel Update: Most destinations are open — check the official websites and read our crucial BEST TIME tips below to help you AVOID CROWDS (Travel with at least 15% off | booking.com)


When Is the Best Time 

Best known for its fall season colors, the Parkway is beautiful and has treasures to offer ANY TIME of the YEAR. However, some sections get closed in winter during heavy snow. Check road conditions via the interactive map: Blue Ridge Parkway Real Time Status. Campgrounds are open from April/May until the end of October.

Highlight (Fall Colors): 
Best time to catch the peak fall colors: Visit between MID-OCTOBER and LATE OCTOBER. Don't just visit one spot. Instead drive a while to be on different elevations. Some of the best spots to catch the fall colors: Fall Color Spots – Blue Ridge Mountains

Avoiding the Crowds:
It's busy on the road in fall. Especially mileposts can become crowded. Try to avoid weekends in autumn and get there early in the morning for an amazing experience. The morning light is also great for photos.

A Great Place
United States, Virginia & North Caroline
Review and Tips 

469 miles of beauty, extending across 29 Virginia and North Carolina counties, offering everything from amazing drives, breathtaking views, picnic areas, waterfalls, wildlife opportunities..and the list goes on. I was fortunate to drive the entire 469 miles (and an additional 110 miles of Skyline drive in Shenandoah National Park) during my stay in North Carolina. The parkway has something to offer every season of the year, although it does get a little crowded in Fall (and not for nothing).



Mar 13, 2016

This is truly an amazing year-round destination. But you are right Ganesh, fall is an exceptional season. Colors start changing end of September until mid, sometimes late November. Here is a nice colors tracker: http://www.blueridgeparkwaydaily...

Mar 13, 2016

Beautiful fall colors!

Mar 15, 2016

Spring has its own beauty with everything turning green.. and so does winter.. when everything you see is black and white... :) :)

The first 2 pics are of the same waterfalls.. in different seasons..

Mar 15, 2016


Mar 22, 2016

Anytime of the year on The Blue Ridge Parkway is amazing!!! Every season has something to offer and it's own beauty. No matter when it is you decide to go it will not let you down with its numerous breathtaking overlooks and magical waterfalls spanning the entire length of the parkway it's an amazing drive that will leave you wanting to return for the seasons to come. Below are a few of my photos I took on my adventure along the parkway this past weekend with some friends and although the snow clouds took away from some of our overlooks we still had an awesome time and had a blast check them out. Also if you like the photos and would like to see more visit my instagram and follow me @theadventureprofessional thanks and I hope this comment was helpful in your decision to visit the beautiful blue ridge parkway.