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Biosphere 2

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Biosphere 2

2020 Travel: Check official websites for restrictions and read our BEST TIME tips to help you AVOID CROWDS and secure tickets if a reservation is required (Tip: Pick a local Travel Offer and enjoy 15% or more off a nearby getaway - by booking.com):


When Is the Best Time 

Summer, despite being the desert, this will be the least expensive time to travel and you will encounter fewer tourists.

A Great Place
United States, Tucson, AZ
Review and Tips 

This isn't just the set for the corny, 1996 movie, Bio-Dome. This is one of the world's most fascinating facilities dedicated to, "The research and understanding of global scientific issues" ... as their website describes. Biosphere 2 was named giving a head nod to Earth (Biosphere 1 so to speak). http://biosphere2.org/

Personally, the most interesting aspect of exploring the Biosphere was witnessing the two massive 'lungs' connected via underground air tunnels used to maintain the pressure gradient inside Biosphere 2. It is crucial for this structure to have these two variable expansion chambers.

Tickets are about $20 with tours daily, but make sure to check out their website ahead of time for exact info. http://biosphere2.org/visit/tour...

And since the days are scorchers, the Biosphere will allow for comfortable indoor exploration, then when the sun sets, be amazed by Tuscon's famous starry skies.

If you head to Oracle State Park you can get to the American Avenue trailhead parking lot that is open seven-days-a-week to access the National Scenic Arizona Trail, this accommodates after hours use by stargazers.



Jan 29, 2016

Very interesting! Probably even better midweek? I hate large crowds on tours like that ;(

Jan 29, 2016

Tim, I am so with you. Crowds can ruin the most spectacular places. Midweek would be a good plan. We were there on a weekend and it was still a small group. I made sure to inquire with the guides about the best time to visit and the consensus seemed to be in the summer months.

Jan 29, 2016

Melissa, thanks. Received your message. It's easier for me to answer here. :):) The profile photo is from friends of mine. Will ask them where that was.

Jan 29, 2016

The profile pic is beautiful. Do you have any adventures planned for the spring?