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Betty's Bay

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Betty's Bay

When Is the Best Time 

The Betty's Bay Penguin Colony is a marvelous year-round destination, not only during the feeding/breeding season.

Best time to spot them is in the early morning or late in the afternoon when they return from fishing. Opening Hours: 7.30 a.m. until 5 p.m. last entry at 4.30 p.m.


Best weather conditions with very few precipitation from October until March. Most rainfall from from May until September.

South Africa, Kleinmond
Review and Tips 

Betty's Bay is less popular and crowded than Boulders Beach. It is located at the Stony Point Nature Reserve near an abandoned whaling station. The whaling station was closed in 1930 and the penguins started to breed here.  

These cute guys weigh up to 3 kg and mate for life. They always return to the same nesting site for up to 15 years. Unfortunately, they have an endangered status. Only 170.000 penguins are left which is 10 % of their population 50 years ago. A wooden boardwalk leads visitors to the nesting burrows.

An entrance fee is requested.



Sep 01, 2016

We were in Betty's Bay early December 2009. It was quite a windy day and rather cloudy but it was a pleasant day to be out. There were scarcely anyone else around and Betty's Bay village had a rather down at heel charm. The penguins seemed to have a harder time here than at Boulder Beach