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Bedruthan Steps - Cornwall

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Bedruthan Steps - Cornwall

When Is the Best Time 

Despite the weather, it‘s a breathtaking beach to walk between huge rocks for almost two kilometers at low tide. At high tide, the sea covers the entire beach up to the steps. The tidal range can be up to 7 meters at the big spring tides. You need to enter a gate to get to the 120 steps down to the beach. From November to February the gate is closed due to severe weather and surf. This spectacular beach is best visited up to two hours before low tide. Plan 3-4 hours for a visit. Tide Times Bedruthan Steps

Bedruthan Steps in Fog


Often the main car park is open only. At low tide and around midday cars are queuing for space. If you arrive one or two hours before low tide, you may get a parking lot directly. The Café is popular for jacket potatoes, cream tea, and homemade scones. The reason that it gets busy at midday.


The coast experiences a mild climate throughout the year. The average temps in the summer are around 20°C, but 30°C are possible in July and August. Autumn is slightly colder on average 13°C to 18°C. The spring temps are around 11°C to 15°C. Due to drizzle, fog, and wind which occur year-round, it may feel pretty chilly. Usually, the driest months are April, May, and August. The water temp is quite cold even in the summer maximum 17°C.


Stay nearby in Padstow for a couple of days to visit Bedruthan, Tintagel Castle, Lanhydrock House. Bodmin Moor to mention a view of the many highlights.

Bodmin Moor

We recommend staying in the luxury Padstow Townhouse B&B. Another option for low budget travelers is the Hostel YHA Treyarnon Bay north of Bedruthan Steps.

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Review and Tips 

Bedruthan also called Carnewas at Bedruthan is a popular destination for more than hundred years now.  The tale is that the name Bedruthan Steps comes from the huge rocks along the beach which were put there and used by a giant called Bedruthan. Actually, the name was given to the staircase but it is used for the whole beach. It’s a breathtaking place to feel the power of mother nature. The rocks are always changing due to erosion. Repeatedly the entry to the steps was closed due to safety reasons once the last part was washed away. Since 1995 the steps are reopened. 

Bedruthan Steps after low tide

It takes around 20 minutes from the car park down to the beach. 120 slippery, sandy steps leading down are not for the faint-hearted. Walk carefully and use the handrail if necessary. A large stretch of sandy beach to the right and left awaits you. Several caves to both sides want to be discovered. Watch the tides always. Dogs are allowed on the beach.

The coastline is also spectacular along the cliff walk and at high tide. Even if not capable of climbing down this place is worth a visit. We visited Bedruthan twice once when the tide already came in and once two hours before low tide. One of the most impressive highlights of our visit to Cornwall.

Bedruthan Steps at Low Tide

Top Tip

When walking on the beach to the right almost at the end leads a climb to the top of the cliffs. Helpful to know when the tides are coming back too soon.


There are two car parks. One nearby close to the Café and National Trust Shop and one further down the road. The second one opens in summer only when it’s super busy.  Even on a bank holiday weekend, the second car park might be closed. Queuing around midday is standard. Don’t forget to pay and display your parking fee.

The lovely Café offers good food, cream tea, and scones. The jacket potatoes are tasty filled with different choices. It gets very crowded in- and outside at weekends around midday.

by Paul Dinning