Bat Cave - Mount Tamana Trinidad

Bat Cave - Mount Tamana Trinidad

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When Is the Best Time

When Is the Best Time

It's an unforgettable experience to witness almost a million bats flying out of the cave. Each evening at dusk the bats come out of the cave in a spiral formation which can last for hours. You may think you get hit by raindrops, but this is the bat's pee.


Best time to travel to Trinidad is the dry season from January to May, but showers can always occur. During the rainy season, it may rain several times each day, but the sky clears up in between. There is often a short break between mid-September until mid-October Luckily, Trinidad and Tobago are south of the hurricane belt and hardly experience any hurricane, but it can happen as it did in September 1963 or September 2004. Trinidad is more likely to be affected between August and September.


The dry season from Jan to May is likewise the peak season. It's less crowded from October until Christmas when the temps are cooler. 

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Where and Tips

Mount Tamana
Trinidad & Tobago

Mount Tamana is 313 meters high the tallest mountain in the central range. Start a walk to the top in the afternoon and on the way back wait for dusk at the "exit" of the cave. It is home to several species of bats with an estimated population of 1.5 million. While the bats are flying out, you get the impression it starts to rain, but it's the pee of the bats. It is an amazing lifetime experience with thousands of bats around you without touching you. 

Top Tips
  • To discover the beauty of Trinidad a guide is recommended. Well marked hikes don't exist. Unfortunately, we only spent almost a week with "our" fantastic guide Emile Serrette. It was an outstanding and adventurous time as well with him that we never forget. More information and booking with Nature Trek TNT.
  • If you like adventures of the beaten track don't miss the Oilbird Cave.



Thanks! Definitely an awesome place with all those bats.

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