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Antelope Canyon

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Antelope Canyon

When Is the Best Time 

The best time to visit Antelope Canyon, depends on what you’re looking for: Capturing the amazing light beams during peak season or experience solitude during the off-season in Lower Antelope Canyon?

Highlights / Light Beams 

The light beams start around March 20 and last until early October. Best months for the beams are June, July, and August. The higher sun brings more light into the canyon. Each day the light beams are visible in the midday between 11 AM and 1:30 PM on a sunny day only. There are no light beams when it's cloudy. The most beams can be seen in Upper Antelope Canyon. They occur in Lower Antelope Canyon as well, but light beams are few and far between.

Avoiding Tourist Crowds 

Upper Antelope Canyon became a mass tourism spot, especially during high season as well as  during shoulder seasons. Even Lower Antelope got a lot busier: 

High Season / Shoulder Season:
Expect a crowded place and fully booked midday tours from April until September. It's worse during peak months (June, July, and August), when the light is just perfect. Midday tours are jammed throughout the season. You have to choose between a crowded place with the magical beams during the season (end of March - early October) or fewer tourists without the beams in the off-season (mid-October - mid-March). You may also book a less busy tour in the early morning without the beams in 'light beams season'. You can still take great photos regardless of the time of day. Another option is Lower Antelope Canyon: Larger area, ladder climbing, less beams but also fewer crowds. However, Lower Canyon became busier as well recently. Book mid-week and try to go in the shoulder months (April/September), when there are already/still light beams but without the massive summer tourist crowds.

Low Season (Winter Visit):
In the off-season (mid-October - mid-March) there are no light beams, but both places are still magical. It's less busy from November to February. However, even in winter, avoid weekends if you visit Upper Antelope Canyon. It's more quiet mid-week. For even more solitude: Visit Lower Antelope Canyon. It's much quieter during the off-season, and although there are no light beams at all, the colors are gorgeous. Check the weather forecast and try to go between 10 and 11 AM because of better light conditions.

Weather / Climate 

Temperature wise, you can visit any time of the year. In the winter it's much quieter (see above) but also cold sometimes. In the warm summer months, thunderstorms can occur during 'Arizona's Monsoon Season': From roughly mid-June until mid-September. Thunderstorms are usually afternoon thundershowers and more wind and lightning than rain. But still, dangerous flash floods are possible. 

More details (you can switch between °C and °F): Page, Arizona Climate Details


A Great Place
United States, Page
Review and Tips 

Very beautiful, but very crowded nowadays. Especially at noon, it fills up pretty bad and of course they charge you extra US$ for the "beam" at upper antelope canyon. But I think it is still worth it. The second one is lower antelope canyon both on Navajo land. Antelope is a slot canyon and means "the place where water runs through rocks." There is a risk of flash flood danger. Rain miles away can quickly flood the canyon, especially in summer. (reviewed by Chris)

Antelope Canyon Tours 

Day Tours: Antelope Canyon and More (safe booking)
Lower Canyon: Ken's Tours - Lower Antelope Canyon
Lower Canyon: Dixie Ellis' Lower Antelope Canyon Tours
Upper Canyon: Antelope Canyon Navajo Tours
Upper Canyon: Adventurous Tours
Reviews & Booking: Antelope Canyon Tours Best Price TripAdvisor

Photography Tours 

If you'd like to take photos, a photography tour of the Upper Canyon is highly recommended. Especially if you want to catch the light beams. The guides keep everyone back and out of the shots. And they don’t allow others on non-photography tours to use tripods. Booking a photography tour is your only chance during 'light beam season' to get high-quality shots. 

UPDATE 2017 for Lower Antelope Canyon 

Both tour operators for Lower Antelope Canyon (Ken's Tours and Dixie Ellis') do not offer dedicated photography tours anymore from March 1 – Nov 1. They say that even the Lower Antelope Canyon got too busy for that kind of tours during the season. However, you can still take photos on the general tours, just no tripods or monopods allowed. 

Antelope Canyon Action Jump

Upper Antelope Canyon vs. Lower Antelope Canyon 

Lower Antelope Canyon is below the ground, while Upper Canyon is above the ground. Despite this fact, the most striking difference between both are the light beams (sunbeams): The views with the light beams in the Upper Canyon are just sensational. In the Lower Canyon, there are significantly fewer beams. However, Lower Antelope Canyon is still beautiful!

Lower Antelope Canyon
  • Light Beams: Not the iconic light beams from Upper Canyon. However, although rare, the sunbeams exist. Also, the light makes the wall glow. Still gorgeous.
  • Tour Operators: 2 (see above)
  • How to Get There: No transports are being offered to Lower Canyon from Page by both tour operators. Use your own car: Driving Directions from Page. No car? There is a service called 'Powell Shuttle' which can get you to Lower Canyon.
  • Canyon Location: From the parking lot/main building, it's a 10-minute walk with your guide. 
  • Tour Duration: 1 hour (standard tour), 2+ hours (photography tour, only offered in the off-season). It's a 'real' round trip. You enter through the entrance and get out close to or either directly at the tour operator building.
  • Difficulty: Slightly more strenuous than Upper Canyon as you'll descend 5 flight of stairs (35m) and then ascend up 8 staircases. However, it's not a big deal unless you have some mobility limitations.
  • Crowded: Much quieter years ago, now only slightly less crowded compared to Upper Canyon. You'll also feel like being pushed through, though not as much as in Upper Canyon.
  • Price: Significantly cheaper than Upper Canyon (see below)


Upper Antelope Canyon
  • Light Beams: Iconic, stunning and famous light beams.
  • Tour Operators: About 5
  • How to Get There: Upper Antelope Canyon Navajo Tours starting point is 'just across the road' from Lower Canyon (on the south side of Highway 98). Some operators have their starting point at a different location: Antelope Canyon Adventurous Tours starting point. You need to get there by car. Other tour operators even offer transports from Page.
  • Canyon Location: The Upper Antelope Canyon entry is a little further away from the starting points/parking lots. Your tour operator will take you to the entrance in an open truck (short, bumpy ride). 
  • Tour Duration: 1 hour - 1,5 hours (standard tour), 2 hours (photography tour, offered year-round). At the end of the canyon, you'll turn around and walk back the same way. This makes Upper Canyon even more packed and crowded.
  • Difficulty: It's an easy and flat walk. No stairs. However, it's even narrower than Lower Canyon and not suitable for those who are claustrophobic.
  • Crowded: Extremely busy between spring and fall. You'll feel like being pushed and herded through the canyon. It's slightly better in the off-season.
  • Price: More expensive than Lower Canyon (see below)

Despite the fact that it's extremely busy during light beam season, both canyons are still worth visiting! It's a unique experience. Our summary for the Upper vs. Lower discussion: 

Upper Canyon Pros: + Stunning light beams +Less strenuous  +Photography tours during light beam season still being offered Cons: -Tours are more expensive  -Heavily crowded

Lower Canyon Pros: + Slightly fewer crowds and easier to photograph +Cheaper tours Cons: -Very few light beams -No more dedicated photography tours in high season -A little more strenuous (ladder climbing)

Basic Facts and Tips
  • Antelope Canyon is located on Navajo Land
  • Both Upper Canyon and Lower Canyon can only be visited via guided tours (self-guided tours in Lower Canyon were possible years ago)
  • You can do Upper and Lower on one day if you like. However, you'll only be able to see the light beams at one of them.  The beams don't last long enough around noon. The drive between both takes about 5 minutes: From Lower to Upper Antelope Canyon - Google Maps
  • If you really want to do Upper and Lower on a single day: We suggest Lower first thing in the morning or the afternoon and Upper during light beams time around noon (11:00 a.m. tour)
  • No restrooms, food or water available directly at the canyon
  • No bags/backpacks allowed in Upper Canyon
  • Reservations (online) are strongly recommended for Upper Antelope Canyon, regardless of the season. We suggest making reservations in advance for Lower Antelope Canyon as well, especially during peak season

Light Beam Tips 
  • No light beams from mid-October until end  mid-March
  • No light beams before 11 AM and after 1:30 PM
  • No light beams on a cloudy day, even during ‘light beam season’
  • Book the 10:30 AM / 11:00 AM / 12:00 AM tours to see the beams

Crowd Tips for Upper Antelope Canyon 
  • Midday tours are heavily crowded between April and September.
  • Less busy if you book an early morning tour during the week. No light beams though.
  • Slight chance for a less busy time but with light beams: Late March / early April or late September / early October combined with a mid-week tour. But still, don’t expect a quiet visit.
  • Less busy in the off-season from mid-October until mid-March without light beams. But still, avoid weekend tours.

Fees/Prices (per Adult)
  • Navajo Park entrance fee (regardless of upper/lower): $8 
  • Standard Tour (Upper Canyon): ~ $40
  • Standard Tour (Lower Canyon): ~ $25
  • Photography Tour (Upper Canyon): ~ $120
  • Photography Tour (Lower Canyon): ~ $47

Where to Stay (bookmark the links) 
  • La Quinta Inn & Suites: One of the best hotels there. It's quite new, clean, neat and well maintained. The staff is also very friendly, from reception to kitchen. 
  • Hampton Inn & Suites: Excellent hotel! Slightly higher rates than the La Quinta but brand new and with a room layout like a small apartment. Comfortable bed and very clean. Great free breakfast choices!
  • Hotel List - Page: More choices. Use the comfortable search: Enter your preferred dates and then check the list of hotels. Make sure to change the search criteria to your liking at the top bar. We usually select 'Review Score & Price'.

NatGeo Journeys Tour (incl. Antelope Canyon) 

Discover American Canyonlands Tour Fully guided 8 days G Adventures tour. Las Vegas > Zion National Park > Bryce Canyon National Park > Antelope Canyon > Grand Canyon National Park > Las Vegas. All the legendary landscapes in 8 days. Outstanding tour!

Nearby Must-Visit Places

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Special Photography Tip

Every photography guide for Antelope Canyon recommends, that you should use a wide angle lens and shouldn't change lenses at all in the canyon. However, if you want to change the focal length and/or don't want to carry a clumsy DSLR, there is one compact camera which is just awesome: Sony RX100 (IV or V). A small low light beast perfect for Antelope Canyon and it fits in your pocket. Another great benefit: You can go on the cheaper standard tour (preferrebly in low season or shoulder months! See above). Here is a great example from flickr: Upper Antelope Canyon - RX100

RX100 V: Click image to visit amazon.com


Thanks, Ray Downs Photography for the stunning photos!



Jan 18, 2016

Amazing place, if you want great photos make sure to take the photo tour. Only then can you take a tripod and that is a must. Also take a very wide angle lens...its is tight in the canyon, also bring a hand blower to clean the dust off your lens before each shot. It can get really dusty in the canyon to take a plastic bag and even a face mask or a scarf to cover your mouth. Take a remote trigger and expect long exposures and try HDR. Be patient...it takes a lot of time and practice to get a great shot, your guide will assist you. I use the Adventure tours as they are very good they are up the road past the turn off about 1/2 mile on the south side of the road.

Jan 18, 2016

This is a shot from the lower Antelope canyon...HDR very long exposure...5 shot bracket 2 stops apart.

Jan 18, 2016

Amazing photos guys! The flash flood danger is real btw. That's why the canyon can only be visited through guided tours.

Jan 25, 2016

Here are a few more from Antelope Canyon.

Jan 25, 2016

Sorry that the compression on these photos is making them look bad...for the high res versions look at www.raydownsphoto.com

Mar 12, 2017

Great shot from Lower Antelope Canyon. Thanks Stephen Swayne for letting me use this one. Too bad that dedicated photography tours aren't offered any more for Lower Canyon as of 2017.

Mar 13, 2017

Last April as part of my Grand Canyon vacation, I got to visit the Lower Antelope Canyon. We were lucky in that the next day it rained and I suspect they would have suspended the tours. It's sad to hear they no longer have photographer tours. You can still take pictures (w/o tripods) but they do herd you through in large groups. my friend recalls maybe ten years ago when it was self-guided with very little tourists, so commercialized now...

More photos, including 360° VR shots: Antelope Canyon

Mar 14, 2017

More on our visit to Lower Antelope Canyon : Travel Adventures: Lower Antelope Canyon

Mar 19, 2017

Had another amazing visit to the canyons this year.