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Anja Community Reserve - Ring-Tailed Lemurs

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Anja Community Reserve - Ring-Tailed Lemurs

When Is the Best Time 

Visit in the early morning or late afternoon/early evening hours. At both times the lemurs are more active. Preferred time is the dry season but worth a stop year-round. At midday not only the lemurs are less active, it can get also a little more crowded. If you want to explore this area you should be there in the morning for the longest guided hike, which lasts several hours. Only very few people do this long hike. It's amazing, like being directly in a Discovery Channel documentary!

Seasons / Weather

The dry period lasts from April to December. However, there is not much precipitation year-round. Day temperatures reach 30°C and more. 


In October the lemurs have their babies. That's why our preferred time is from mid-September throughout October. 

Madagascar, Ambalavao Madagascar
Review and Tips 

The village is located 13 km south of Ambalavao close to RN 7. On your way to Andingitra and Isalo, you almost pass the village. The village gets supported by the entrance fee and this means the cattas which are common and habituated to humans. The villagers don't lumber the forest anymore and they are taking advantage of tourism. Nowadays more than 2000 people earn money with this project. Schedule some hours and you can do a longer guided hike in a peaceful and tranquil part of the reserve to huge granite peaks.



Nov 27, 2016

Fascinating lemurs! You can also watch snakes, chameleons and many tiny tree frogs. The lemurs are easy to spot as there are many of them in the small area.