By Ancient Pilgrims Path

By Ancient Pilgrims Path

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When Is the Best Time

When Is the Best Time

You can visit all year, but we prefer the middle seasons [Spring and Autumn - less hot]

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Where and Tips

Sintra Cascais Natural Park

Our walk begins in the sanctuary of Peninha, where we will know some of its 350-year history, as well as about the ancient chapel of S. Saturnino, a little further down. After we delight with the endless views of this place about 500m height, we will begin to descend towards to a pre-historical dolmen through some beautiful forest corridors. The dolmen impresses by the size of the granite stone slabs that comprise it. Here too, the views are beautiful. We can see far away the huge granite block that gives the name to the “Ursa” wild beach , one of the most beautiful beaches of our coast, as well as the imposing cape “Roca”.

We will continue to go down toward to the one which is the most typical village of Sintra, whose beginnings date back to the sixteenth century. Known for its countless fountains and streams, is here that we will do our lunch in a rural tavern. After the meal, and along of some horse breeders farms, we will enter again in a forest corridor toward to the “Capuchos” convent.



Very beautiful hike! Which months do you mean with the middle seasons?

Walk Hike Portugal

Hi, we mean all Spring and Autumn seasons

Walk Hike Portugal

Yup, those are the best seasons to do it ;)

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