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Addo Elephant

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Addo Elephant

When Is the Best Time 

Addo is a year-round destination. Best game viewing months are June to September. It is the drier season and elephants gather in numbers around the waterholes. During September and October, many animals give birth to their young ones. This causes an increase in predator activity and a higher chance of spotting.


From September onwards migratory birds arrive from the north like the European stork.
More information about birds in Addo.


It is hot in summer from November to February and cold in winter from June to August. Night temperature can be near freezing. Rain can always occur with two peaks in February/March and October/November. If it is rainy in summer game is not any longer hiding at midday. It is a semi-arid region with little rainfall in total. Best months are April/May and September with mild temperature, and it is mostly dry.


It is a popular destination for tourists and residents. Peak season during summer, especially Christmas holiday and Eastern. Also busier during European summer holidays.

South Africa, Port Elizabeth
Review and Tips 
Facts About Addo

The main park was proclaimed as National Park in 1931. Now Addo is the third largest National Park in South Africa. It is called the National Park of the “Big 7”; the Big Five and furthermore the southern right whale and great white shark.

Zuurberg Mountain and the rolling sand dunes of the Woody Cape section are included now. There are plans to make this park even bigger to extend the marine part with several islands. This park is home to over 600 elephants, lions, rhinos, buffalos, leopards, hyenas, jackal, zebra, antelopes like eland, red hartebeest, kudu, etc. and the unique Addo flightless dung beetle. This rare and important dung beetles have priority on all roads.

Activities in Addo

There is a huge variety of activities from self-guided game drives, to guided night drive, safari by horse, bird watching, several hiking trails, whales, dolphins, seals, perhaps sharks and penguin watching in Algoa Bay, St Croix and Bird Island. Spectacular is the unpredictable sardine run between February to July. Booking sardine run and whale watching.

Utterly stunning is the night sky with almost any light pollution. After this fabulous experience, you know why it is called the milky way.

Different accommodations are offered outside and inside of the park like camping in the wild, basic self-catering cottages to five-star luxury lodges. In my opinion, try to stay inside the park: early booking is advisable, and you might hear lions roaring in the night.
Lodges inside and around Addo Elephant

The big advantage of Addo; it is malaria free.

Entrance fee for foreign visitors Rand 272 per adult per day until 31. October 2018. Usually it makes sense to buy the annual wild card. More information in different languages.



Jun 25, 2017

We visited Addo in Feb 2017 the second time and started early in the morning from the south entrance at 7am doing a self-drive. It was not crowed with visitors at all, but to our pleasure with lots of animals. We decided to go for a guided sun set tour at 6 pm (2 hours) as well since this offers the chance to see some more animals, especially lions. Be aware that temperature is dropping rapidly around sun set, so take some warm clothes with you.
To be inches from elephants and lions out in the wild was a thrill of a lifetime. If you can visit the Addo Elephant Park - do so!

Dec 15, 2017

It is almost guaranteed to spot masses of elephants. They are calmer than in other parks, and you can watch them relatively close from your car. The gravel roads are in good conditions. We came here just for one day, but we plan to come back for a couple of days.