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This was my first time visiting Falling Springs Falls along with my girlfriend and we absolutely loved it!!

Golden hour is the best time to visit about an hour before sunset and an hour after sunrise are great for photos because it's the best lighting. Mid day is great for those who wanna get wet during the summer under the falls.

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Sometimes the best places are the ones you know you can get to for an emergency hike and pull away from busy lives without a map or gear in the spur of the moment.

Sunset and mid-to-late afternoon because of the many views that highlight the lower sun positions.

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These massive earthen spires are what they call the Chimney Bluffs. The views of the dramatic landscape make every bend in the trail more interesting than the one before.

Summertime, if you are hiking the trail along the bluffs you'll be in and out of shaded areas. The bugs won't be too bad because of the breeze off the lake.

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