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Lunga Island the largest of the Treshnish Isles and a photographers and birdwatchers dream. There are thousands of puffins and guillemots.

The puffin breeding season on the Isle of Lunga (one of the Treshnish Isles) starts in the middle of April. To make sure to have thousands of them on Lunga Island to spot, I recommend a visit not before May. They stay on this island until the beginning of August. For your trip planning, please check our monthly puffin overview with details for spring, summer, fall, and winter for the Isle of Lunga below. Also, check out our Isle of Lunga Puffins Video on YouTube. A helpful monthly weather overview can be found here: Treshnish Isle - Scotland - Monthly Weather

Puffin Sightings | Lunga Island

  • September - March |Bad Time:
    No puffins are on the island during these months, from autumn until early spring.
  • April| Good Time:
    It's possible but rare to see puffins in spring before mid-April. Although not the greatest time, you usually spot them from mid-April on. However, sometimes they even arrive later in April. Experts say: Early to mid-April, sometimes later.
  • May - June - July | Best Time:
    Late spring and early summer is the perfect time. You spot thousands of puffins on Lunga Island! To save money, make sure to book your nearby accommodation in advance (see below).
  • August | Mediocre Time:
    Be careful, as they stay on the island only until early August. Sometimes slightly longer. We wouldn't risk visiting later than in the early days of August if at all.

I went there at the end of June, and besides puffins, I saw chicks from the guillemot, razorbill, and shag. The puffin chicks are hidden in the burrows, and you may encounter them only when they leave the nest.

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