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The Sanctuary of Madonna Della Corona, "The Lady of the Crown" from the 16th century is located close to Lago di Garda. It's easy to get here by car.

The basilica built right on the rock is must visit place if you are at Lago di Garda. The picturesque church is in the shadow in the morning. You get the best light on the basilica from midday onwards. It's pretty popular and gets even more crowded during the weekends especially on Sundays. However, during service, you hear the choir echoing in the valley which creates a very special atmosphere. 

Top Tip

There are already signs at the parking lot to wear proper clothes. So please protect your shoulders and don't wear a short trouser or skirt; knee length is desired.

A Great Place
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The traverse from Monte Tamaro to Monte Lema has breathtaking views. It is a minimum 13 km - 5 hours up and downhill hike. First, you take the cable car to Corte di Sopro.

It's a spectacular and a little challenging hike. However, due to the cable car on both mountains, it's a perfect day hike with excellent views.  Usually, mid-June until mid-October are the best months of the year for the traverse but check the weather forecast first. It is difficult to hike with ice or too much rain before. Weather forecast Monte Tamaro

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