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It is a very popular and easy accessible waterfall near the town of Soufriere. The waterfall is close to the road. At the gate an entrance fee is requested.

Best light on the waterfall after midday. Fewer people in the morning and before closing time. Open from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m.

Best months are during the dry season from December until May. Driest months are February to May. Most sunshine in March. The rainy season last from June to November with the possibilities of hurricanes and flash floods. Wettest month is September.

During the dry season more crowded, highest rates and crowds from mid-December to March. April until May rates decrease and "fewer" tourists except Easter.

LC Saint Lucia

Isimangaliso was formerly known as St. Lucia Wetland Park.

The best time for traveling to the east of South Africa is the dry and mild winter from May to September. During December to February, thunderstorms and heavy precipitation can occur. 


The best time for hippo and wildlife spotting is in southern winter from May to September. In winter the day temperature is pleasant and not too hot. The reason hippos feed at daytime as well and not only at night as they are doing during summer. Also, the game is more active because of the pleasant temps at this time of the year.

White Rhinos in the Isimangaliso Wetland Park

Turtle watching

Guided tours are offered for Loggerhead and Leatherback turtles during summer in the night from November to March and hatchlings emerge after roughly 70 days between January to March. More information and booking

Crowds and Weather by Season
Southern Winter (May to September) - Dry Season

Is the best time for wildlife spotting, and it's likewise the low season with fewer tourists, except for school holidays. Dry season: Days are sunny, above 20°C with low humidity and nights are cold around 15°C. Fewer mosquitos occur. It's a pleasant time to travel through the east of South Africa. Our favorite month is September: still dry, even more game to spot and temps rise.

Southern Summer (November to March) - Rainy Season

It's the peak season; December and January are typically the worst months of the year. Accommodations should be booked in advance and prices are on a top level. November and March are less crowded. The rain starts end of October. The scenery gets lush and green, but during summer it’s also hot and humid temps are on average around 30°C and heavy rainfall can occur. Cape Vidal is incredibly popular the reason that vehicle access is limited to 120 vehicles per day. Either you enter the gate early in the day, or you already made a booking for an overnight stay. Evenings are tranquil, and beaches are peaceful when the daytrippers left the park.

Gate opening
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