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Ben Boyd National Park was established in 1971 and located on the beautiful Sapphire Coast.

The red rocks glimmer best in sunlight late morning. The park is only closed at poor weather or fire danger.

The Sapphiere Coast has an oceanic climate. Winters are mild, windy and drier with an average day temperature of 7 degrees. Summers are warm with a day temperature up to 30 degrees. Most rainfall between spring and summer. Water temperature more than 20 degrees from summer until autumn. Autumn still with pleasant temperatures.

Every season has it's one highlight:

  • Spring: Is the annual whale season which takes place from May/June to November.
  • Summer: Enjoy the beaches and swimming.
  • Autumn: Spot the special lyrebirds performing the characteristic dance and tail display.
  • Winter: The banksias are in bloom.
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