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There are 111 hiking trails in Saarland and Rhineland-Palatinate which are called "Traumschleifen"; that means a dream of loop trails.

It is a year round hiking trail but not recommended with snow and ice in winter time. After rainfall, some parts of the trail are muddy and slippery. Best time for hiking from April until October.

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There are 111 hiking trails in Saarland and Rhineland-Palatinate which are called "Traumschleifen"; that means a dream of loop trails.

This trail is recommended from April to November. Hard to walk with ice and snow. It's a cooling hike on a hot summer day deep in the forest. More spectacular from April to June with the higher water level. The Waterfall is a trickle only end of summer.

Where to Stay

There is one hotel along the trail which is famous for their outstanding meals and included breakfast. We'd been here in the hotel Schmausemühle a couple of times. Book your room in advance especially at weekends. It's a family-run hotel and often pretty busy. If you stay here, you can start hiking from the hotel.

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Geierlay is the second-longest suspension bridge in Germany with 360 meters at the height of 100 meters. In contrast to the longest suspension bridge in the Harz, the entrance is for free.

Geierlay is one of the most picturesque bridges in Germany. It's a half-day trip to the popular suspension bridge if you are in the Hunsrück area, at river Moselle, Eltz Castle, or as a good stopover. The bridge is open 24/7. The visitor terminal is open each day from 10 am to 4 pm and provides a map in different languages. Make sure to read our 5 Must-Know Tips below (scroll down).

Avoiding Crowds

The Sunday Crowds at Geierlay Suspension Bridge

It's utterly crowded during the summer and weekends are the worst, especially on sunny days. In autumn the views are just spectacular with the fall foliage. To avoid the crowds, visit the bridge early morning or late in the evening in the summer. Very few visitors in winter only.

Restrictions Summer/Fall 2020

COVID-19 markings and signs: Sosberg side around 10 am on a Friday in summer peak season

The bridge is open and accessible! However, due to COVID-19 there are some restrictions in place for the summer of 2020 (and maybe even longer):

  • You have to wear a face mask before entering  the bridge area and keep a distance of 1,5m to others
  • People allowed on the bridge at the same time is limited to 30
  • Every even hour the bridge can be entered from Mörsdorf side (e.g. 14 p.m., 16 p.m., etc) and every odd hour from Sosberg side (e.g. 13 p.m., 17 p.m., etc.) for 50 minutes
  • Security guards are at each side from 11 a.m. until 7 p.m. to make sure the above rules are being followed by visitors

During summer holidays and on weekends, the odd/even hour restrictions (see above) usually results in long waiting lines between midday and the early evening. Tip: Arrive early at the bridge to avoid waiting for 1-2 hours! Being there at around 10 a.m. is usually sufficient and you can enter the bridge without waiting. It also thins out in the evening but usually not much before 7 p.m.

Tip for photographers;  The sunlight is best in the evening. The sunset is just gorgeous here.

Geierlay Suspension Bridge best in the evening

A Great Place
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