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We started the hike from Govetts Leap towards Cliff Top Track to Evans Lookout, down to Govetts Gorge, via Rodriguez Pass, downstream along Govetts Creek and to Junction Rock.

This 7 to 8 hours trail can be hiked throughout the year but it's best in autumn (March/April) and late spring (October/November). During summer it is hot inside the canyon and also for the climb out. Important; check the water level of Greaves & Govetts Creek first at the information center. Flooding can occur after heavy rainfalls.


Most rainfall in summer from November to March/February. Winter months are drier and sunnier. The precipitation at the Blue Mountains is similar to Sydney. Snow is not very common. In the summer, day temperatures can increase up to 35 degrees and even more but are mostly bearable. Nights are pretty cool. Nevertheless, each season is different and can be great for hiking in the Blue Mountains.

Yellow-tailed black cockatoos can be spotted during summer, the winter season is too cold for them.

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