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The Common Bittern project is an area which was renatured by the Biological Institution Krickenbecker Lakes in 2009. The 10-ha pocket of land got flooded by the river Nette.

The best months are May until July. At this time of the year breeding water-birds and their chicks can be spotted relatively close. The black coots and the great crested grebe with their chicks are best spotted in July. Usually, the great crested grebe is very shy. This area is one of the very view places where you get up to 10 meters close to this beautiful bird. On google maps is the nearest parking lot at Leuther Mühle (Mill) marked.

Where to Stay

The B&B hombergen101 is beautifully located close to the Krickenbecker Lakes and Information Center. 

Von Mai bis Juli. Dann kann man brütende Wasservögel bzw. Jungvögel beobachten. Der Punkt auf der Karte beschreibt den nächst gelegenen Parkplatz an der Leuther Mühle.

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