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This secluded world-class beach voted one of the top 20 in the world, is not easily accessible and still a hidden gem. There isn’t any building, road or café just nature.

The New Chums Beach is still a hidden gem. There isn't any road to the beach or cafe just pure nature. It's better to come 2 hours after high tide and around low tide here. During high tide, you may either get wet feet when reaching the beach, the beach is pretty small or you are blocked when you want to leave. It depends on the level of the high tide, the wind, and the surf.


Coromandel is a year-round destination with a mild climate. The precipitation on the Coromandel peninsula is sometimes significant even in summer. The weather is influenced by the mountain range and the sea. The "driest" months are from January to April while the warmest months are December to March mostly between 20 to 25°C. April is a bit cooler but still pleasant. Most rainfall in winter with its peak in July; also the coldest month. The winter temps is around 10-12°C and drop to roughly 6°C. Frost is not common. 

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The name Cathedral Cove comes from the natural rock formation which was developed by erosions.

Cathedral Cove and the Coromandel Peninsula are some of the most popular places on the north island of New Zealand. During the summer the most important thing is avoiding the crowds at Cathedral Cove. To enjoy the rock arch with very few people come here at sunrise. Spend the entire day at the beach and experience mother nature at its best during high and low tide. Why? You will love to be almost alone at the beach but don't miss out low tide. The rest of the year watch the tides and the weather forecast first for the perfect experience. The best time is between high and low tide for a perfect shot.

Cathedral Cove Arch during the incoming tide - beach behind not accessible
Cathedral Cove Arch with the incoming tide

The beach behind the cave is accessible roughly two hours before and after low tide. That's the best time to come here. So start your walk from the car park or accommodation early enough that you don't miss the low tide. That's the best time to walk through and it's dry inside the cave/rock arch. At high tide, you are not able to walk through it and you miss out the best part of this awesome beach.: Tide Times Cathedral Cove Coromandel

Cathedral Cove Coromandel; Mare Leg Cove and its Smiling Sphinx Rock
Mare Leg Cove and its Smiling Sphinx Rock

Don't miss the nearby Hot Water Beach two hours either side of low tide! Read on for more information about Cathedral Cove and all its beautiful lagoons and beaches. 

Weather and Crowds (Season Details)

Crowds at Cathedral Cove at midday and low tide in the summer

Coromandel is a year-round destination with a mild climate. The rainfall on the Coromandel peninsula is sometimes significant even in summer. The weather is influenced by the mountain range and the sea. Crowds can be an issue espcially when the low tide is around midday.

Spring (September - November)

Cathedral Cove during spring and almost low tide

Shoulder Season! Precipitation decreases; but still quite high in September with an average daily temp of 12°C and nights are around 8°C which is pretty chilly for camping. October improves with almost 14°C and above at daytime. Cathedral Cove gets busier but still bearable. November is drier almost like the summer months. Temps are pleasant.

Summer (December - February)

Cathedral Cove during summer - the peak season - at low tide

Peak Season! These are the driest months of the year and the most popular time for visiting New Zealand. Come here either for the sunrise or the sunset. Don’t worry about the tides. If you like to enjoy this magic place, try to avoid the crowds. Cathedral Cove is often overrun during the day. An alternative spend the entire day here and experience the beaches and cove during high and low tide - almost alone and busy. We did this on our second visit late January 20. From December to March the parking fills up soon. The reason that there is a second parking area with shuttle transfer offered. The mean daily temp is 24°C and above even up to 30°C during the summer.

Autumn (March - May) 

Cathedral Cove in autumn after a rain shower

Peak and shoulder season! In autumn the temperature is getting cooler, but the weather can be excellent even for swimming until late April/May. It’s still drier in March and April; rain increases in May. March is still busy until Easter. In April the crowds thin out, and in May it becomes quieter.

Winter (June - August)

Cathedral Cove during winter with an overcast sky

Low Season! If you come here during winter and the colder months from May to September, you may experience the beach and cove almost alone, but it's too cold for swimming. Most precipitation in winter with its peak in June. This is also the coldest month but still pleasant day temps. The winter temperature can be 12°C-14°C and drop to 6°C-8°C. This time of the year is pretty cold for camping.

Cathedral Cove Arch during low tide

How to avoid the crowds during peak season? Before sunset, most of the people already left the beach. It's less busy in the early morning and the evening.

Where to Stay

Hahai view from the walk to Cathedral Cove

Don't visit Cathedral Cove in a rush. Stay here at least one night. There is a huge variety of accommodations in Hahei. We spent two nights there and even that was too short for Cathedral Cove, Hot Water Beach (we gave it a miss, unfortunately) and the Waiau Kauri Grove and Falls. We'd chosen an exceptional location for our stay in the Church Accommodation. We loved the dinner in the Church Bistro which was initially a church made of wood in the 1900s. If you like it hassle-free regarding parking and stay in close proximity to The Cove, check out our accommodation choice below (Where to Park). Are you traveling on a budget? The Tatahi Backpackers is the best-located hostel ever. It is right on the pathway to the beach. You couldn't wish for better. The hostel itself has comfy beds, clean kitchen, beautiful outdoor dining, and seating. Advanced booking is recommended; it's often fully booked.

Car Rental & Campervan

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