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Pecos is surrounded by woodlands of juniper, pinion and ponderosa pine in the foothills of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains just Southeast of Santa Fe New Mexico.

Spring or Fall presents the best weather for exploring the park, descending into the underground Ceremonial Kiva's and hiking the trails.

Historic Site
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The Sanctuary of Madonna Della Corona, "The Lady of the Crown" from the 16th century, is located close to Lake Garda on the back of the Monte Baldo Massif.

The basilica built right on the rock is must visit place if you are at Lago di Garda. However, chose wisely the day of your visit. During summer it’s pretty busy on the opposite in the winter it’s peaceful and quiet. Crowds can be an issue; therefore, avoid Sundays to enjoy this magical place. However, during service, you hear the choir echoing in the valley. I find this place intensely emotional and touching a very rare experience nowadays. Don’t come here in a rush; take your time.

Steep steps along the stations of the cross to Madonna della Corona during winter

Opening Times Madonna Della Corona Church
  • April – October: 7 am to 7.30 pm
  • November – March: 8 am to 6 pm
Prayer Service

Prayer Service at Madonna della Corona

Weather and Crowds

The lake has its own mild microclimate. However, the mountainous area is a little cooler. Rain occurs throughout the year. Snow is rare but definitely happens between late October to March. If visiting Lake Garda in the winter you either need winter tires or snow chains for driving. It’s a winding road to Spiazzi on 850 m elevation.

Snow capped mountains at Lake Garda during the winter.

Spring (March - April - May)

Lovely temps during the day up to 20°C. Increasing rain in May but usually in the afternoon or evening. Nights are still cold on average around 10°C. It gets more crowded but still bearable except for the Easter holidays. The villages and towns around the lake get busier.

Summer (June - July - August)

The summer is warm often hot with temps around 30°C. In the night, temps are pleasant on average below 20°C. It’s also the wettest time of the year. Heavy thunderstorms occur in the afternoon or evening. Usually, the visibility to the other side of the lake is poor before midday due to the humidity of the lake clouds built up. Lago di Garda and all attractions around are crazy busy. The traffic is terrible. Hotel and rental holiday prices are sky-high.

Autumn (September - October - November)

It's also a lovely time at Lake Garda. Crowds thin out a little. More accommodations are available except for the autumn holidays. September and October are excellent months still around 20°C though November is already cold and temps can drop below 10°C. Fresh porcinis can be found in the mountainous areas while hiking or buy them fresh on the market.

Winter (December - January - February)

Usually, days are mild with temps between 5-10°C. Sometimes temperatures drop a little. Nights are cold on average around 0°C. Most campgrounds are closed. Snow occurs in higher elevations and at least once a year on the north shore of the lake like the beginning of November 2019. As soon as the sun is shining it’s pleasant. The advantage it's clear without haze during the day. It’s the driest time of the year but rain occurs. It’s also the quietest time of the year. Though before Christmas a little busy. However, less traffic. Our preferred time at Lago di Garda.

Tips for Photographers

Staircase to the Sanctuary Madonna della Corona

The picturesque church is in the shadow in the morning. You get the best sunlight on the basilica from midday onwards.

It's a short window in the morning to get the perfect shot with sunlight. The sun disappears behind the mountains already at midday.


Historic Site
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