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One morning we saw a guy digging for eggs. He is an enthusiastic environmentalist, and he told us about his work for the turtles. We assist him in digging for the eggs.

Nesting season from May to September but at the same time, the rainy season starts.
Best within two hours before and after high tide.

Rainy season:
It lasts from May to October although showers occur more often in the night or the morning. There is a possibility of hurricanes during August to October.

CU Cuba

Cayo Largo is a year round destination. The advantage of the dry season it is less hot and fewer mosquitos. We travelled to Cayo Largo in June and got bitten everywhere.

Best time during the dry season from November to April, but this time is also the peak season. Shoulder season May and June is worth a try and less crowded. Showers may occur, more often in the night or at the morning.

CU Cuba