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The Caroni Swamp is located south of Port of Spain. It's easy to access the mangrove-lined channels by boat or kayak to get deep into the Caroni Swamp.

The scarlet ibis can be spotted throughout the year in the protected Caroni Swamp. A larger number of these bright red birds can be seen roughly from mid-October to March. Each evening the scarlet ibis roost in the Caroni Swamp. It is a popular spectacle. Therefore, several boats leave the dock in the afternoon around 4 pm. The tour last up to 2 1/2 hours. Kayaking is also offered. 

Scarlet Ibis and White Egret in the Caroni Swamp

The breeding season lasts from April to late September. Fewer numbers are seen in the roosting area. They return around mid-October to the swamp.


The dry season from January to May is the best time for your vacation on Trinidad and Togabo. Showers can occur throughout the year. During the rainy season, it may frequently rain each day, but the sky clears up in between. There is often a short break between mid-September until mid-October Luckily, Trinidad and Tobago are south of the hurricane belt and hardly experience any hurricane, but it can happen as it did in September 1963 and September 2004. Trinidad is more likely to be affected between August and September.

Weather Port of Spain from 1991-2015
Average Monthly Temperature and Rainfall for Port of Spain from 1991-2015


The dry season from Jan to May is likewise the peak season. It's less crowded from October until Christmas when the temps are cooler. Regarding weather and crowds, November and December are a good alternative.

Tip for Birders

Don't miss the Oilbirds in the Cumaca Cave!

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