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Experience the luminous, colourful glas windows and light-flooded Basilica inside. Be surprised by the extraordinary, modern composition with stylistic elements taken from nature.

The inside looks best with sunlight. It's the most popular place in Barcelona with 3 Million visitors each year. Thus it's crowded most of the times. The waiting lines are long. Most of the times it takes 1-2 hours until you get to the gates. Different ways to avoid the crowds are going at different times and buying the ticket online:

Avoiding Tourist Crowds 

1) Go mid-week, avoid weekends if possible. Combine it with being there early in the morning right before 9 AM. It's not unusual that early visitors wait a couple of minutes only till they get in. If you visit outside peak season and go mid-week, you could also try the late afternoon when the light is even more perfect. In general, it's a little less busy in low season from October/November until March.

2) Buy online tickets in advance. With your ticket and an ID you skip the waiting lines and go directly to the meeting point (not the entrance gates). Then a tour guide will walk you past the queues.

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