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Frequently Asked Questions

What is this website about?

It's all about WHEN to visit amazing places while travelling. WHEN to see a waterfall. WHEN to go whale watching at place ABC? WHEN to hike that specific trail and so much more. We provide the most comprehensive 'WHEN TO GO' tips on our planet. On top of that, you can view complete destination guides for many places, including unique expert tips.

Why are there places with tons of incredible 'WHEN TO GO' information and others with only a few bits and pieces?

Some places were created a while ago without enough knowledge and resources. We are working every day to add as much helpful and accurate WHEN TO GO information as possible. Bear with us!

How can I search?

Use the searchbar at the top: Just click the yellow search button without entering anything to browse. Enter a term and/or select a criteria to filter your search result.

Can I do a reverse search? For example: Where can I see great things in April?

Not yet. However, we will add this feature in the future.

Why can't I delete my own place or my comment?

If you really need to delete your place or your comment, please contact us.

Is there a mobile app available?

Not yet, we are planning to get funding soon to develop it. However, our site is mobile optimized. That means you can easily use it on almost every mobile device.