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When is a great time to spot wildlife? Wild animals can be found in ecosystems like deserts, forests, rain forests, plains or grasslands. Often wildlife is hidden and difficult to spot. Here you will find the right time and areas where the chance for a wildlife sighting is much higher.

Koalas start being active from the afternoon on. However, they sleep around 20 hours each day.


Lots of precipitation throughout the year deep in the heart of the Great Otway National Park. Warmer and "drier" conditions from November to April anyway, rain can always occur. Winter is the wettest season.

AU Australia

"The Gathering" takes place in the dry season from July to October with its peak in August and September. They gather around the water reservoir due to the water shortage. The wet season last from October to January.

In the late afternoon, it is less busy; fewer off-road cars.

LK Sri Lanka

Best time of the year is September to November. Rain can occur from time to time particularly in the night. Avoid December to March; the rainy season with a high risk for cyclones.

MG Madagascar