When is a great time to spot wildlife? Wild animals can be found in ecosystems like deserts, forests, rain forests, plains or grasslands. Often wildlife is hidden and difficult to spot. Here you will find the right time and areas where the chance for a wildlife sighting is much higher.

San Diego Zoo - Monthly Guide

The San Diego Zoo is an awesome year-round destination. You can experience more than 15,000 animals in action each day of the weak. However, if you…

Mae rim Elephant Camp Home (From Chiang Mai)

Winter is a great season to visit this place but if you aren't bothered by a few hours of afternoon rains then August-September is also a great time…

Yellowstone National Park Wildlife

Where and when animal sightings happen, depends on habitat preferences, weather and seasonal cycles of movement. Still, it's often a matter of luck…

Bandelier National Monument Wildlife

Great experience and wild life viewing in Winter.

Yukon Territory

Yukon has equally stunning aspects to offer, both in the cold and the hot months. It depends on what appeals to different individuals. Below is a…

Waterton Lakes National Park

Waterton is great at any time and open throughout the year. However, from May - September is probably the best time with the most wildlife being…

Panama Canal Zone

Dry season December until April, Semi-Dry Season June, July and August

Chitwan National Park

The National Park is open year round although most hotels close during the monsoon season from late June to the end of September. Best time for a…