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Waterfalls are beautiful and unique. Some of them are even more photogenic with the perfect sunlight or need a heavy rainfall to unfold its beauty.

In the afternoon and depending on the season different waterlevel.
In the afternoon the falls shine in a wonderful bright warm light in contrast to the morning where you are faced with backlight and a glaring sunlight. The best time of the year is depending on what you expect to see. The highest flow is from February to May/July . Most of the viewpoints are too misty for a good picture and view but most impressive if viewed from the air. Low water level occurs from August until January. The rainy season last from November to March and it gets quite hot. Therefore our favorite months are August and September usually sunny and dry days. The level of the Zambesi river is still high enough for the falls but not too misty or even dry.

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From afternoon onwards is the best light for the waterfall and tour buses already left the park. In the morning the waterfall is in shade. The flow of the waterfall is best after heavy rainfall.

The Fitz Roy Falls are close to the B73 and a two hours' drive only from Sydney. The falls lookouts are easily accessible with a short walk. More crowded in summer and at weekends. In the afternoon most of the tour buses already left the National Park. This is the best time of the day to enjoy bush walking and the falls.

More rainfall from November to February with the peak in Nov. and Feb. In summer day temperatures are often around 25 degrees and higher. Nights are pretty cool. Winter months are drier and sunnier and frost is not common. Nevertheless, spring, summer, and autumn are great seasons for hiking. The Visitor Center is open daily except for Christmas from 9 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.

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