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There are outstanding locations for snorkeling or diving. Some are even close to the shore and not a boat necessary. Share special places you know and describe what to expect.

May until October for diving and snorkeling June/ Juli (depending on the water temperature) until September.

Peak season July and August. Our preferred month is September, fewer crowds and less cold. Avoid the crowds at weekends. Best light from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m.

Check the weather forecast first; sometimes flood waves can happen. Weather Forecast

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Snorkeling during high tide only! Please avoid low tide to protect the corals. At low tide the water level is too shallow and you may destroy corals while you are snorkeling. Check the tide times either at Milyering Visitor Centre or follow the link. Tide Times Exmouth


The region has a tropical-hot-desert climate. In autumn and winter from April to September with pleasant temperatures around 25° C which cause an average water temp of about 22°C. It's hot during summer with an average daily temp of 35°C and water temperature around 26°C. It doesn't rain much here; less than 30 days of precipitation with the highest chance for thunderstorms from January to April. Fewer clouds from August to December. Cyclones can occur and are more likely to happen from January to March. In March 2015 Exmouth was hit by one and at the end of April 2014, record-breaking heavy rainfall caused flash floods. 

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