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There are about 18 different Penguin species. Some of them can be observed in a moderate climate others in the cold. They spend most of their time in the sea for feeding and come ashore for breeding.

Boulders Penguin Colony is a stunning year-round destination, not only during the feeding/breeding season. However, it's often crowded:

Avoiding Tourist Crowds

The busy months are November until March/April. However, it can be crowded in the shoulder and off-season as well, especially on the weekends. To beat the crowds and increase the chance of a parking lot, be there very early in the morning as soon as they open. Another idea is to go late: About 1 hour before they close. You'll see more penguins compared to mornings.

Highlights (Penguins)

The breeding season is from February until August: It peaks from March to May. It's fascinating because all the penguins are at the beach feeding the small ones. The babies get fed for about two months in the late afternoon. Therefore you have to decide between fewer crowds but also fewer penguins in the morning and more crowds but also more penguins in the afternoon. Or go late before they close (see above: Tourist crowds). In general, you'll spot more penguins in breeding season than at other times.


Best weather with least rain is from October until March. The chance of increasing rainfall starts in May and lasts until September. Simons Town Weather Averages

ZA South Africa

To spot a higher number of Fairy Penguins or Little Blue Penguins the main breeding season in November and December is the best time of the year. September, October and January around 100 and less arrive after sunset at the shore. You may spot a higher number at high tide, because the little blue penguins have to walk less distance to their nests.

You spot them the whole year but a few only in winter. In summer, you see plenty of them. Anyhow, wildlife and nature is not predictable. Especially in winter it can happen that none of them come ashore.

Building their nest from April/May to August
- Laying eggs from August to December
- Chick raising from August until January
- Moulting from February to April/May

More visitors in summer; December to February. Fewer visitors in winter and spring but less penguins to spot.

AU Australia

Most of the little penguins come to their burrows after sunset. But at this time, it fills up with crowds. If your schedule allows visit the penguins twice; once in the late afternoon and again after sunset. In the late afternoon, you already may spot some of the cute little penguins with daylight. Anyway, it is an awesome experience to watch them when they arrive at the beach in the evening. It is cute how they walk and jump among the rocks to their burrows and making noise.

You spot them the whole year but a few only in winter. In summer, you see plenty of them.

- Building their nest from June to November/December
- Laying eggs from July to December
- Chick raising from August until March
- Moulting from January to April/May

AU Australia

The Betty's Bay Penguin Colony is a marvelous year-round destination, not only during the feeding/breeding season.

Best time to spot them is in the early morning or late in the afternoon when they return from fishing. Opening Hours: 7.30 a.m. until 5 p.m. last entry at 4.30 p.m.

Best weather with least chance of rain is from October until March. The chance of increasing rainfall starts in May und lasts until September.

ZA South Africa

Breeding season from end of August until January and moulting through mid February. End of February the little blue penguins are already gone.

Summer last from December to March with pleasant temps around 20 degrees and up to 30 degrees in January and February. February and September are the driest months. The wettest months are in winter from June to August. However, be prepared for four seasons in one day.

NZ New Zealand

Southern Summer: Penguin season is from October to March. There are no boat trips available during other seasons.

CL Chile