Ocean Life

There are many places where whales, dolphins, whale sharks, stingrays etc. can be seen by a guided boat tour, a snorkel trip or even from the costal line.

Reykjavík Whale Watching

The best time for whale watching in Reykjavík is in the summer season. You can spot the fascinating blue whales as well as humpback whales during…

Monterey Whale Watching

Monterey is an excellent place for whale watching. The most common question is: When do you see which whale species? Luckily it's possible to see…

San Diego Whale Watching Seasons

This is our complete San Diego whale watching guide with tips for each season and month. San Diego is one of the best locations on the West Coast of…

Manatees in Florida - Crystal River

Manatees, also known as sea cows, are not adapted for cold water conditions, as they can't maintain their core body temperature when it's below 68…

Pink Dolphins of Hong Kong

The best months to visit Hong Kong are October to April. The northern summer is the time of the monsoon. Keep in mind that HK is very busy during the…

Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve

The dry season in the Yucatan runs from November until April. Since Sian Ka'an is only reachable by quite a rough road it is not advised to visit in…

Tazacorte - Dolphin and Whale Watching La Palma

Many whales and dolphins are year round at the Canary Islands. Best weather from April to October, shoulder season April-June and September-October…

Whale Watching Boston

The months for a stunning whale watching experience are: May, June, July, August, September and October. These are the months for whale watching from…

Los Islotes, Baja California

Sea Lion colony, doubles in size in summer, pupping early July, mating a couple of weeks later.