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First of all, Lighthouses are an attraction. Most of them are not any longer in use. They can be visited from outside only, occasionally from inside. Some of the Lighthouses have a dramatic location, some a touching history and others are simply beautiful.

The tourist season on Lampedusa starts in the beginning of June and ends in September. During this time, the island is a bit crowded. From my experience, it is best to visit the lighthouse early in the morning or in the evening. During this time, you can have the place just for yourself.

IT Italy

Texel where the Eierland Lighthouse is located is a year round destination. In summer the lighthouse is open to the public daily. Autumn and winter are less crowded.

NL Netherlands

To beat the crowds visit between arrivals of the ferries. During winter only open on Wednesdays.

DE Germany

If visiting Lisbon don't miss the most westerly point of continental Europe and Portugal. Cabo da Roca can get busy during the weekends and around midday. The winter time is quiet and summer the busiest time of the year. To avoid the crowds and for a marvelous atmosphere come here to watch the sunset. During the evening it's less crowded. The scenery is absolutely stunning and picturesque. Gorgeous surroundings during spring when the hills are covered with flower carpets.

Cabo da Roca Lighthouse

Weather Cabo da Roca

Lisbon and the surroundings are a great travel destination throughout the year. Cabo da Roca is windswept frequently. Bring a jacket especially for the evening.


Day temps in spring are pleasant almost 20°C. Nights are a bit chilly 10°-15°C. We love this season; not hot but warm and almost always sunny. Showers can occur occasionally. The coast is covered in colourful flower carpets.


Summer temps are around 25°C – 30°C but consider the powerful sun. July and August are the busiest months with tourists and Portuguese spending their vacation in their home country. These are the driest months of the year.

Cabo da Roca and the spectacular cliff


September is one of our favorite months; still warm but not any longer too hot, nights are cool on average 16°C. October day temps are still above 20°C and November around 18°C. Rain increases in October, however, the maximum is 80 mm in November. That’s not much. However, the coastline looks even more spectacular during strong winds and fog.


In winter the day temps are on average around 15°C, one-digit temps during the night. Precipitation occurs more often, but it’s rare to experience rain the entire day. We’d been at the coast several times in December and January. Often you can even walk barefoot at the beach. The pro; at this season it's quiet and peaceful everywhere except the Christmas time.

PT Portugal

Every Friday in July and August you can climb up the stairs between 7-9 p.m. You get the tickets at the boathouse Boulevard Zuid 5. I like it most with dunes infront, so late afternoon until evening is the best light for this picturesque Lighthouse.

NL Netherlands

Peggy's Point is world famous and very popular. Tour buses and rental cars arrive throughout the day especially in the summer. However, there are two easy ways to beat the crowds even in the peak months:

Be Early:
Be there in the morning as early as possible. At least before 9 AM. Experiencing the sunrise is amazing anyway.

Stay Late:
Don't leave before or right after sunset. Just stay! Most visitor leave when the sun goes down, but the place gets even prettier. Check sunrise und sunset times here: Halifax Canada | Sunrise - Sunset


CA Canada